Culinary and wine.
At the borders of the Montagne Bourbonnaise
a less known wine is being made, the Cote Roannaise.
A light but very tasteful wine.
In the area you will find many nice restaurants.


In the area.

The chateau of Lapalisse is only 15 km away from the fermette and is really worth a visit.
The roman church of Chatel Montagne is very interesting, but also the little town itself with several art workshops.
Chatel Montagne is only 10 km away from La Goutte Bruyère.
I little bit further to the south you will find Thiers. Very well known for the sales of knifes, and also a nice town.
West of Vichy you can find Charroux, a lovely medieval village where they make mustard and soap.

In Lapalisse there are several supermarkets. Here the fuel is a lot cheaper than anywere else.

The village Arfeuilles is 3 km away from the fermette and it has a docter, a pharmacy, a bakery (closed on mondays, but open on sundays), a little supermarket with butcher and a bar/restaurant. With a terrace in the summer.

In the area several rivers and waterfalls can be found.

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